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I’m off my man now I’m pregnant
A reduction in libido and rejection of affection is not unusual during pregnancy.
Affectional kissing, etc. Now I’m worried because I really don’t want to fall out of love with him. Is it just my hormones? I hate feeling like this but I can’t force myself on him either. This pregnancy was planned. I already have a four-year-old daughter from a casual affair, so I’m not used to having men around me.
Dear Bunmi,
Dear Joyce,
I’m currently pregnant for my boyfriend of two years. The problem is, since being pregnant – as I write this I’m at 15 weeks – I’ve gone completely off sex!
Joyce, by e-mail
Once your hormones calm down you’ll probably be back to normal. In the meantime, reassure your partner that how you feel now is just a side effect of your condition.
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