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Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...
*Where is your woman power?you dont need to date or sleep with this man to get what you want from him.....
Also, our upbringing in a privileged environment reflects in the way we do things and carry ourselves, but among us the children, and our loving parent, we know that things are quite tough.
At some point, the man whose office i was assigned to started to ask me out, and he became aggressive about it. (That, for me is a no-no. If i had to sleep with everyone in an important post in every phase of my life that i have passed and will pass, i will break a record with body count eventually. I am not a judgmental person, but i stick to my own principles when it comes to my own affairs and i cant sleep with him)
Finally, early this year, the I-DONT-CARE parent stepped in and paid the school fees and i was released to go and serve. The company promised me at that point that once i am done with the service, they would be happy to make me a regular staff and increased my stipend to N30,000. I was posted to Ekiti State and i had been shuttling between my job in Port Harcourt and the NYSC place.
Hello Sis. So much love to you for all that you are and all that you do through your platform.
However, the problem it is causing is that he has stopped me from obtaining the clearance document from the organization that is needed to thumbprint for NYSC monthly clearance.
However,the company made me know that they liked my problem solving abilities on the job but could not employ me without NYSC certificate, so they offered to keep me as a graduate intern on a monthly stipend of N15,000. The actual salary for the position was N70,000 but I accepted the offer anyway because i did not have any other prospects at the time.
I am a 24 year old working class lady. My parents are separated , and i have two siblings. I am the first child of my family.
I barely managed to make it out of my final year in the university along with my mates in 2012, because i had outstanding school fees, and the school refused to let me go for NYSC until the fees were paid. One of my parents had the money to pay but did not care. The caring one had stopped working because of health issues and so could not raise any money at the time.
I found one, hoping that i would be able to take care of my siblings and save from it and pay the school in order to go for NYSC.
I would like to go straight to the point of my chronicle. It is quite lengthy but please i really need to share.
Ma'am i really need your red pen and the advice of bv's.
My siblings also had needs, school fees and other expenses. These bills were weighing on the mind of our loving parent and compounding the already failing health, so i decided to find a job.
People mostly see me and think i do not have any problem in my life, and a lot of people refer to us as well--to-do, However, the truth is that the parent with money does not care about us. The one who cares is not very buoyant. But everyone uses the buoyant parent to categorize us as rich kids.
The many dysfunctions in my life have led me to writing this chronicle.
The N15,000 could barely meet up with our expenses, so i would normally divide it among my siblings and find my way till the next month. I was unable to save anything towards the school fees.I was also passed up for promotion twice because of this matter.
This has been going on for four months now. I ought to round up in less that four months but am now being threatened with an extension. I have been deep in through considering going through this stressful life and putting my lovely siblings (I love them sooooo much) through another year of lack if i dont get the NYSC certificate this year. I dont even care about the NYSC allowance for the past months and the coming one. I just want my certificate jeje.
Warm regards to every member of the SDK family.
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