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Ah *mouth open wide*
( it a family of all physicians ) ?
1; What if the kid with the twin brothers wife is now a male child, he stands a great deal with inheritance from the grand parents than my two girl children.
2. Hubby once said his brothers wife has a body to die for, although he claimed he was joking that day, but how am i sure he will not start sleeping with her.?
3. Hubby has been asked for just one child as the sperm donor,, how do i know there will not be more children ?
4. how do i tell our daughters their cousins are not their cousins but their siblings ??
5. if the twin brothers wife has a male child, what will be my fate in the family ?
6. is it possible for me to tell hubby not to be the donor ? . In laws are comfortable with hubby as the donor, because they claim they are from a royal family and do not want a bastard in their lineage, they claim either my hubby or his brother, the kid will still be from the family.
7. BVs please advise me , what are the fate of my two girls especially since i cannot have any more babies.
After the birth of my second daughter, i had female issues and had to go through a total hysterectomy. Hubby was looking forward to another child and preferably a male child but that is out the window now.
Ah *mouth open wide*
I met my husband abroad and he has been a wonderful husband and a fantastic father to our two daughters.
In laws are also eager for a male child but unfortunately the gate is closed from our side. The hope of getting a male child in the family lineage lays with hubbys twin brother, unfortunately he was diagnosed with azoospermia . To make things complicated hubbys twin brother is married to a spouse not from Nigeria.
Let me provide a little history on hubby. He is a twin , born and raised abroad.
Now she wants a baby too, she wanted to go to the sperm bank but she was discouraged by the parents in law, they prefer kids from the family. Hubby has now been asked to be a sperm donor for his brothers wife.
Please spare my typos and language, this was done in haste.
The parents are both physicians with a successful practice and living a good life by all standards. I met hubby in medical school, we became close and the rest is history.
these are now my concerns:
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